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English pages about Kimono for men

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Tumblr : Men in Kimono

Very active photo blog of Kitsuke inspiration for men and those who love them.
screenshot website cultural foundation

Dyeing & Weaving

The Cultural Foundation for promoting the National Costume of Japan.

So, you want to know about Japanese dyeing and weaving, you have come to the right place. Sorted by district this website gives a treasure on knowledge.
screenshot website immortal geisha forum
Immortal Geisha forum

Originally started in 2001 with the forums launched in 2002 this treasure of information about kimono kitsuke, Karyuukai (makeup/hair/etc) and Geisha/Maiko was suspended into an read only forum. Thankfully the site and forum have been resurrected again in March 2017 !
So you want to find information, check out the knowledge bank and forum. If you can't find the answers, you can register and ask :D

unable to find site, so much knowledge lost again :(

Web shops in English

screenshot website ohio kimono

Ohio Kimono

Ohio Kimono LLC works directly with a family owned business in Kyoto Japan to supply kimono addicts everywhere with the latest in new kimono fashion, and gently used vintage and antique kimono.

Haven't had the experience yet on buying from this store, but who knows what the future brings. Looking at the comment section, this store also looks promising.
screenshot website yukata and kimono market Sakura

Yukata and kimono market Sakura

We sell beautiful Japanese yukata and kimonos to world wide. Our Japanese Yukata and kimono are very affordable. We know that you will see the magic and beauty of our yukata and kimono culture once you see our products!

I used to have my hopes on ebay for a kimono my size but this website has once in a while my sized kimono for sale (still hoping for a asa/ro/sha kimono to come up). Thanks to this seller my winter collection has grown and the service and communication have been wonderfull experiences.
screenshot website kimono flea market ichiroya

Kimono Flea Market Ichiroya

We are specialized in introducing and selling Japanese textiles, antiques and handicraft items on the internet. We are Japanese, and love craftmenship of Japanese artisans. We hope to convey their charms to all over the world, and wish to contribute to them.
We are very happy to have you and hope you find something you've been looking for. If you have any particular request, please let us know. we will make every effort to assist you.
screenshot website shimazakura

Shimazakura Japanese Traditional Clothing

a Japanese owned Online Kimono Shop based in US.
We sell Traditional Japanese Clothing, specializing in YUKATA / SUMMER KIMONO and JINBEI.We only carry genuine JAPANESE YUKATAs and JINBEIs. At Shimazakura, you can find great quality products for an affordable price. We spend time and effort to select the items which we believe make customers happy. We guarantee that you will be able to see the beauty of each items. Through wearing these clothing, we hope that you can feel the beautiful culture of Japan.
screenshot website Sou Japan

Sou Japan

We sell Japanese kimono & other traditional garments, tea ceremony utensils, antiques, art, and more to buyers across the globe.
screenshot website Kimono style by bonimin5

Kimono Style by bonimin5

We are provided Japanese traditional Kimono and Accessories. We provide worldwide service. We will ship to world wide by SAL with registered mail. (Insured up to $60 & trackable).

This company has helped me many times to get kimono items I longed for (even items that aren't on display in the store).
screenshot website Kimono style by shinei


People all over the world are attracted to the depth, variety of colors, and beautiful images displayed on the traditional kimono, as well as the feel of the various materials used, such as silk, wool, cotton and hemp.

We have opened this webshop so that we can continue to offer the beauty and sensitivity of the Japanese kimono for your pleasure and enjoyment. Please feel free to step into the beauty of Japan.
screenshot website Kimono style by shinei

age & Antique Japanese Kimonos & Collectables.

Has a nice collection of Kimono and accesories
screenshot website Yamato Kobo

Yamato Kobo

Paradise for SETTA footwear

Setta – the Japanese sandal fusing traditional footwear technique and modern fashion style

Japanese pages about Kimono for men

screenshot website otoko no kimono


This site is "a comprehensive guide that provides information to propose a fun dress an attractive male kimono."
Comfortably enjoy a kimono with rich heart, we want to cheer such people. This site will publish as much as possible information about the man's kimono.
screenshot website kimono3daime

あづまや きものひろば てれびじょん

A very long running video blog with professional information for kimono and kimono accessories!
After all, things about kimono is often unexplained.
screenshot website kimono dictionary


An extensive Kimono term dictionary, which, unfortunatly is in full Japanese but with some online translators you can usually at least get the jest of the term.
screenshot website kimono wa fuku


It is a site that I'm discussing various ways of thinking and reference examples for men to use kimono (Japanese clothes) in everyday life.
Kimono is the same "clothes" as clothes, so my idea is that not only as a dress for a special day, but also as a daily wear for everyday wear, feel free to wear as it is for clothes.

Not dedicated to Men's kimono, but has some interesting information (english)

screenshot website love kimono

Love Kimono

A page dedicated to kimono
screenshot website kimono3daime

Victoria and Albert Museum

The kimono is a Japanese traditional garment worn by men, women and children. In kimono it is the pattern on the surface, rather than the cut of the garment, that is significant. Indications of social status, personal identity and cultural sensitivity are expressed through colour and decoration. The kimono worn by women, particularly the young, were the most richly decorated and it is generally these that survive in collections like that of the V&A.
screenshot website john's attic

John Marshall: Works in fabric

Welcome to my web page.

This site reflects my love for Japanese textiles and related subjects. Origally haveing been trained in Japan in traditional doll making techniques, I have spend the past thirty years as a professional artist using the ages old techniques of katazome and tsutsugaki. I specialize in natural dyes on natural fibers."
screenshot website wafuku


This Wafuku blog is about Japanese kimonos, other traditional Japanese clothing and anything else, Japanese or otherwise, that tickles my fancy. Wafuku means traditional Japanese clothing, as opposed to more western-world clothing, which is called yofuku.
screenshot website kofuji


Hi, I'm from Australia :) An interest in traditional Japanese culture and kimono for many years has also involved into an interest in the modern culture, mainly lolita fashion that I'm hoping to explore.
screenshot website kimono tsuki

Kimono tsuki - Kimono kanji

My name is Diane, I am a thirty-something woman with a passion for wearing and collecting vintage kimono. In this blog, I hope to catalogue my collection, share interesting information about special pieces, and record coordinations and outfits.
screenshot website Ki-Do-Raku Japan


We are just the one of KIMONO lovers.
Enjoying KIMONO in Japan, Today.
Learning from tradition and formality, and trying new ideas and new ways.
We want to show you KIMONO's world.
We want to help you wear KIMONO in countries other than Japan.